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ModelDDvlPlone UI example

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ModelDDvlPlone UI example Organisation
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Root of all definition and publicacion content.

Example instance of gvSIG business process definition, used in examples to present and discuss the automatic provisioning of semantically rich user interfaces from model specifications. ModelDDvlPlone is a Python/Zope/Plone product: Model Driven runtime support framework by MDDsl that animates the Plone products gvSIG-i18n, gvSIG-business process definition (gvSIG-bpd), ModelDDploneMOF, ModelDDploneRDB, ModelDDploneBMM. Runs on Zope2.9/Plone2.5.

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MDDIcon_Colecciones Business Policies (collections) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionPoliticasDeNegocio Green Business Policies (Business Policies collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . Because this is an example to show ModelDDvlPlone abilities to automatically build a full fledged User Interface in HTML, this is demonstrates de ability to manage 2-level aggregations through named sub-collections (categories). .

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionPoliticasDeNegocio Essential Business Policies (Business Policies collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . To the very survival of the corporation, shall be regarded as with the highest priority. .

  • MDDIcon_BPDPoliticaDeNegocio Physical and premises security (Business Policy)

    Corporate physical assets and HeadQuarters shall be secured agains intrussion, theft, vandalism and terrorism

MDDIcon_Colecciones Business Rules (collections) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionReglasDeNegocio Sustainability Business Rules (Business Rules collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . Rules ellaborating on the corporation's Green Policies .

  • MDDIcon_BPDReglaDeNegocio Recyclable glass bottles (Business Rule)

    Company personnel and guests in premises shall use bottles of recyclable material.

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionReglasDeNegocio Security Business Rules (Business Rules collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . To be observed by all personnel, associates, providers and visitors to corporate premises and head quarters. .

  • MDDIcon_BPDReglaDeNegocio Record visitors' details (Business Rule)

    Every visitor shall record the purpose of the visit and corporate parties involved.

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionUnidadesOrganizacionales Corporate departments (Organisational Units Collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc .

  • MDDIcon_BPDUnidadOrganizacional Maintenance service (Organisational Unit)

    Takes care of the chores and supplies to keep running the infrastructure used by personnel to do their work in the corporation

  • MDDIcon_BPDUnidadOrganizacional Marketing (Organisational Unit)

    Making things look good enough to please our prospective customers.

  • MDDIcon_BPDUnidadOrganizacional Sales (Organisational Unit)

    Deal-Makers: these do bring the money home.

  • MDDIcon_BPDUnidadOrganizacional Financial (Organisational Unit)

    To know where the money comes from, and ends up in - and when.

  • MDDIcon_BPDUnidadOrganizacional Security and Vigilance (Organisational Unit)

    Organises the personnel in charge of securing and monitoring all activity, personnel, associates and visitors at corporate premises.

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionPerfiles Corporate positions (Participant Profiles collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . Job positions to be held by corporate personnel shall be filed here. .

  • MDDIcon_BPDPerfil HQ Lead Receptionist (Profile)

    Responsible head of the 24/7 on duty receptionists team at corporate head quarters.

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionProcesosDeNegocio Business Process collection MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc

  • MDDIcon_BPDProcesoDeNegocioSimple Record visit (Business Process)

    Procedure to handle a visitor to corporate head quarters

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionArtefactos Security books and credentials (Artefacts Collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc .

  • MDDIcon_BPDArtefacto Visitor's log (Artefact)

    Holding every visitor's record of the purpose of the visit and corporate parties involved.

  • MDDIcon_BPDArtefacto Corporate ID card (Artefact)

    A hardware crypto device and picture id card issues to corporate personnel and selected associates, to facilitate and monitor their access to corporate premises.

MDDIcon_BPDColeccionHerramientas Security Tools (Tools collection) MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc . Used to secure corporate operations, maintain records and logs, assert personnel and associate ids, and monitor activity in corporate premises. .

  • MDDIcon_BPDHerramienta Security crypto ID card reader (Tool)

    Used to enforce Security access rules, by granting access exclusively to those with a legitimate work to perform at locations and times.

  • MDDIcon_BPDHerramienta Fingerprint scanner (Tool)

    Used as an additional form of authentication for corporate personnel and selected associates.

  • MDDIcon_BPDHerramienta Reception video camera and audio michrophone (Tool)

    To record all activity, with focus in interaction with visitors, personnel or selected associates at company head quarters reception, to be used to monitor service quality, and for legal, forensic and research purposes.

MDDIcon_atablacontenidos toc

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Project gvSIGbpd
Language en
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Credits: gvSIG-business process definition (gvSIG-bpd) by GVA/CIT & Model Driven Development, sl & Antonio Carrasco Valero

gvSIG-business process definition (gvSIG-bpd)

Developed by

Model Driven Development, sl
Model Driven Development, sl

Antonio Carrasco Valero

Sponsor and Director

gvSIG project by Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalitat Valenciana
gvSIG project by Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalitat Valenciana
Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalitat Valenciana

Chief Organization and Information Officer at CITMartin Garcia

gvSIG General CoordinatorGabriel Carrion

gvSIG Technical Coordinator


Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalitat Valenciana ( Regional Ministry at Comunidad Valenciana in Spain, Europe )

Model Driven Development, sl ( company )

Antonio Carrasco Valero ( developer )

Requirements Coordination

Organization Requirements Manuel Madrid

Business Domain Requirements Juanjo Ripolles ,   Victoria Agazzi

Platform Requirements Joaquin del Cerro

Administration Requirements Victor Acevedo

Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalidad Valenciana
License GNU General Public License (GPL) by the Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Warranty This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warraty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU General Public License (GPL) for more details.
Standards Developed following the recommendations in the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Unified Modeling Language (UML) Meta Object Facility (MOF) XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) by the Object Management Group, inc
Adopted standard specifications for Business Strategy, Business Rules and Business Processes Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM) Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) adopted standard specification
Platform Application Server, Content Management System and Programming Language Zope v2.9 Plone v2.5 Python v2.4

Developed by Model Driven Development, sl Installed ModelDDvlPlone x.x , gvSIGbpd x.x , ModelDDvlPloneTool x.x .  

Third party Installed Archetypes x.x , Relations x.x , PloneLanguageTool x.x .  

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